Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

YAHONG CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber laser cutting machine is the use of fiber laser generator as a light source laser cutting machine.

Fiber laser is a newly developed new type of fiber laser in the world that outputs high energy density laser beam and collects on the surface of the workpiece so that the area irradiated by the ultrafine focus spot on the workpiece is instantaneously melted and gasified and moved through the CNC mechanical system Irradiate the position and achieve automatic cutting, fast, high precision.

  • Electric-light conversion efficiency
  • Very low operating and maintenance costs
  • Free adjustment, maintenance-free, high stability
  • Excellent cutting, welding ability
  • Narrow slit, No deformation
  • Heat affected zone minimum, smooth cutting surface without burrs
  • Cutting head is not in contact with the material
  • Flexible processing, you can process any graphic

CNC Plasma&Flame Cutting Machine

Plasma&flame cutting machine is plasma&flame cutting technology for metal cutting equipment.

CNC plasma&flame cutting machine is the use of a digital form of a new control method, based on NC cutting nesting software to provide the optimal nesting cutting program for full-time, automatic, efficient, high-quality, high utilization of CNC cutting equipment.

Plasma Cutting

  • Plasma cutting surface smooth
  • Thermal deformation is small, less heat affected zone
  • Cutting carbon steel sheet, the speed up to several times the oxygen cutting method
  • Non-ferrous metal cutting better

Flame Cutting

  • Development has a long history, low cost
  • Suitable for cutting more than 20MM low carbon steel
  • Heat affected zone to much larger, thermal deformation is relatively large
  • Not suitable for high-precision cutting



Company Profile

Xuzhou YAHONG CNC Equipment Factory is located in High-tech Development Zone, Xuzhou City , Jiangsu Province. Our factory has become the leader of CNC cutting machine in domestic market with years of effort and development. The quality and service of product got vast number of users trust. Our factory has many advanced technology and management personnel.

Why Choose Us

Our CNC cutting machine is exported to overseas, has rich experience in the production of CNC equipment to ensure high-quality products, and for each machine for long-term remote maintenance.

  • Provide OEM service
  • Provide on-site installation and training
  • Plasma&flame CNC cutter warranty for one year
  • Fiber laser cutting machine warranty for two years

Our Experience

Founded - 8 Years
Product Development - 7 Years
Foreign trade - 6 Years
Export country - 23+
Export amount - 300+ Sets